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Lyubov Popova

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Architectonic Composition - Lyubov Popova
Architectonic Composition
Architectonic Composition, 1918 - Lyubov Popova
Architectonic Composition, 1918
Artistic Architectonics, 1916 - Lyubov Popova
Artistic Architectonics, 1916
Composition with letters (K.L.CH.B.V.S.P.) 'Delta', c.1919 - Lyubov Popova
Composition with letters (K.L.CH.B.V.S.P.) 'Delta', c.1919
Compostion, 1921 - Lyubov Popova
Compostion, 1921
Cubist cityscape, 1914 - Lyubov Popova
Cubist cityscape, 1914
Italian Still Life, 1914 - Lyubov Popova
Italian Still Life, 1914
Linear Composition - Lyubov Popova
Linear Composition
Linear Construction, c.1921 - Lyubov Popova
Linear Construction, c.1921
Man + Air + Space, 1915 - Lyubov Popova
Man + Air + Space, 1915
Painterly Architectonic - Lyubov Popova
Painterly Architectonic
Painterly Architectonics, 1916-17 - Lyubov Popova
Painterly Architectonics, 1916-17
Red Triangles in Circles - Lyubov Popova
Red Triangles in Circles
Seated Figure, 1914-15 - Lyubov Popova
Seated Figure, 1914-15
Spatial Force Construction, 1921 - Lyubov Popova
Spatial Force Construction, 1921
Stage design for William Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet', 1920 - Lyubov Popova
Stage design for William Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet', 1920
Stage set design for the play 'The Magnanimous Cuckold' - Lyubov Popova
Stage set design for the play 'The Magnanimous Cuckold'
Still life - Lyubov Popova
Still life
Summer, 1917-18 - Lyubov Popova
Summer, 1917-18
Untitled, 1916 - Lyubov Popova
Untitled, 1916
Violin, 1915 - Lyubov Popova
Violin, 1915

Page 1 of 1   1     Paintings: 21

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Willem De Poorter
Willem De Poorter

Alexander Pope
Alexander Pope

Gustave Pope
Gustave Pope

Thaddaus Popiel
Thaddaus Popiel

Stefan Popowski
Stefan Popowski

Fedor Poppe
Fedor Poppe

Francesco Morandini da Poppi
Francesco Morandini da Poppi

Jan Porcellis
Jan Porcellis

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