Research Sources

The data, biographies, and commentaries that are presented at MyStudios were compiled from various sources. The list below while not all inclusive represents the majority of sources used for research. Researching this material is time consuming and costly. Please use the links on the right to purchase merchandise from our one of our sponsors.

Manet by Patricia Wright
Complete Paintings of Manet by Paolo Lecaldano
Manet by Sarah Carr-Gomm
Manet by Francoise Cachin
Manet The Execution of Maximilian by Juliet Wilson-Bareau
Manet Fondation Pierre Gianadda
Manet The Still Life Paintings by George Mauner
Manet by Francoise Cachin
Manet By Himself by Juliet Wilson-Bareau
Van Gogh's Van Goghs by Richard Kendall
Rembrandt by Himself by Christopher White
Rembrandt's Women by Julia Lloyd Wiliams
Rembrandt A Genuis and His Impact by Albert Blankert
Raphael The Paintings by Konrad Oberhuber
Lorenzo Lotto by David Alan Brown
Dali by Robert Descharnes
Matisse by Sophie Monneret
Monet by Sophie Monneret
Van Gogh by Frances Miralles
Modigliani Gramercy
Modigliani by Werner Schmalenbach
Modigliani by Jose Maria Faerna
Modigliani by Doris Krystof
Renoir by Sophie Monneret
Women, Art, and Society by Whitnet Chadwick
Dictionary of Art Terms by Edward Lucie-Smith
Hopper by Ivo Kranzfelder
Corot by Gary Tinterow
Degas beyond Impressionism by Richard Kendall
Private Collection of Degas by Ann Dumas
Metropolitan Lives by Rebecca Zurier
Matisse A Retrospective by John Elderfield
Cezanne by Francoise Cachin
Picasso The Early Years by Marilyn McCully
Picasso and Portraiture by William Rubin
Impressionism and Post-Impressionism by Marina Bessonova
Goya by Enriqueta Harris
Goya Caprichos by Max Seidel
George Bellows by Michael Quick
Velazquez Technique of Genius by Jonathan Brown
Goya by Patricia Wright
Picasso by Daniele Boone
Matisse by Gerard Durozoi
Kathe Kollwitz by Elizabeth Prelinger
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Dictionary of Art and Artists by Herbert Read
Vermeer The Complete Works by Arthur Wheelock
A Study of Vermeeer by Edward Snow
Vermeer's Camera by Philip Steadman
Rembrandt's Eyes by Simon Schama
Rebel in a Frock Coat by Beth Brombert
The Arena Chapel Frescos by James Stubblebine
Conversations with Cezanne by Michael Doran
Manet's Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe by Paul Tucker
Man and Myth by Jeanne Modigliani
The Scrovegni Chapel by Bruce Cole
Van Gogh and Gauguin by Debora Silverman
Last Flowers of Manet by Robert Gordon
Giotto by Francesca Flores d'Arcais
Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers by Dr. Coremans
Master Art Forger by John Godley
Han Van Meegeren by d. Kraaijpoel
Art A Crash Course by Julian Freeman
False Impressions by Thomas Hoving
Women Artists by Margaret Barlow
Women Artists by Nancy Heller
Van Gogh Face to Face by Roland Dorn
Gustave Caillebotte by Anne Distel
Goya by Janis Tomlinson
Paintings of Paul Cezanne, Vol #1 by John Rewald
Paintings of Paul Cezanne, Vol #2 by John Rewald
Cezanne by Henri Lallemand
Greatest Works of Art by Thomas Hoving
Monet A Retrospective by Charles Stuckey
Masters of Impressioism by Trewin Copplestone
Pieter Bruegel by Christian Vohringer
Artemisia Gentileschi by Mary Garrard
Impressionists in Winter by Charles Moffett
Impressionists on the Seine by Eliza Rathbone
Painting of the Romanic Era by Norbert Wolf
Painting of the Baroque by Andreas Prater
Painting of the Gothic Era by Robert Suckale
Impressionists at Argenteuil by Paul Hayes Tucker
O'Keefe by Britta Benke
Schiele by Reinhard Steiner
Lempicka by Gilles Neret
The Story of Painting by Sister Wendy
Masters of Light by Joaneath Spicer
The Prado Museum by Alwssandro Bettagno

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