Frédéric Bazille 1841-1870 BACK

View of the Village
oil on canvas 130x89cm
Musee Fabre, Montpellier

Berthe Morisot wrote to her sister Edina Pontillon, in a letter dated May 1, 1869, about View of the Village, which she'd seen at the Salon: "The tall fellow Bazille has done something I find quite good: it's a young girl in a very light dress, in the shade of a tree beyond which one sees a village. He's trying to do what we have so often attempted, to place a figure in the open air: this time it seems to me he's succeeded."'

The painting was submitted for the Salon of 1869, along with Fisherman with a Net. The painter Alfred Stevens, who had admired View of the Village in the artist's studio, wrote to Bazille to inform him that his painting had been accepted by the jury: "My dear Bazille, your painting of the woman is accepted; I am happy to convey this good news to you. You were defended (between us) by Bormat and... can you guess who else? By Cabanel." This astonished the young painter: "The jury made quite a massacre of the canvases of the four or five young painters of our circle. Only one of my canvases was accepted: the woman. Aside from Manet, whom they no longer dare refuse, I am one of the least badly treated. Monet was completely refused. What gives me pleasure is that there's real animosity towards us. It was M. Gerome who did us in, he described us as a band of madmen, and declared he felt it was his duty to do everything he could to prevent our paintings from appearing. All that's not so bad, when I've made a really good painting it will just have to be seen. I was defended, to my great astonishment, by Cabanel.

Frédéric Bazille- Prophet of Impressionism

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