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Bazille was an early French Impressionist painter who came from a well to do family. While studying under Gleyre he met Renoir. Bazille would later share his studio with Monet and Renoir. He painted outdoors and was interested in the correlation between flesh tints and landscape tones. He was a painter of great promise but was killed by a sniper during the Franco-Prussian War. Pissarro described Bazille as, "one of the most gifted among us."

The work of Jean-Frédéric Bazille poses numerous questions. The brevity of the period in which it was produced and the variety of its genres and styles have often encouraged commentators to ask themselves how he might have developed as an artist if he had not met, with a tragic end in the war of 1870. The question is as legitimate as it is futile, for all responses to it must be conjectural, and cannot but be influenced by the enthusiasm of those who have studied this painter's moving and complex body of work. Bazille can be classified as an Impressionist only with the wisdom accorded by hindsight, because of his association with those painters, particularly Monet and Renoir, who were his youthful companions, and who sometimes painted the same subjects as he. At the time of Bazille's death, these artists, steeped in the example of Courbet, would have been perfectly willing to classify themselves as Realists.

And a Realist is what Bazille was, if we are to judge from the subjects he frequently chose to depict: his own family, familiar views of the countryside around Montpellier, and still lifes, or austere studio interiors proclaiming their author's love for his art. This was limited repertory, deploying its modernity within the most established pictorial tradition and, in its banality, defiantly rejecting the anecdotal painting so beloved of the Salon jury.

The following is an excerpt from Frédéric Bazille by Pascal Bonafoux:
During the summer, Bazille asked Renoir to finish setting up the new studio. From Voisins-Louveciennes, Renoir responded: "if you want me to do as you ask and if you have money, you would do well to send me some quickly, if only so you don't spend it all. You can count on me, seeing as I have neither wife nor child, and as I'm not about to have either the one or the other. Send me a note, so I'll know if I need to begin work on the renovations immediately, which would annoy me greatly, first of all because I'm working, then because I don't have resources to keep myself fed in Paris, while here I manage quite well. I'll write to you at greater length another time, for I'm hungry, and brill in white sauce is sitting in front of me. I'm not paying the postage, I only have twelve sous in my pocket, and that's to pay my way to Paris when I need'to go." In the summer of 1869, Renoir wasn't the only one who didn't pay postage, leaving that to Bazille. August 9, Monet to Bazille: "Dear friend, would you like to know what my circumstances have been and how I've been living during the eight days I've been waiting for your letter? Then ask Renoir, who brings us bread from his house so we won't starve." August 17: "1 have to think that what I tell you about my circumstances scarcely concerns you, because I tell you we're starving." August 25: "If I don't get some help, we1l die of hunger. I can't paint, as I hardly have any paints left-, otherwise I'd be work- ing. Just see what I must be suffering and try to help me out!" September 25: "1 sold a still life and I've been able to work a bit. But as always happens, I've had to stop for 45 lack of paints.... That makes me furious with everyone, I'm jealous, vicious, I'm fuming; if only I could work everything would be all right.... I have a dream, a painting, the baths at la Grenouillere, for which I've made a few poor sketches, but it's a dream. Renoir, who's come to spend two months here, also wants to make this painting." The Grenouillere paintings were made. And at the same time, Renoir wrote to Bazille: "I'm waiting for your masterpieces. I expect to savage them unmercifully when they arrive. I've seen no one. I'm at my parents' and almost always at Monet's, where, between parenthesis, they can't hold out much longer. We don't eat every day Still, I'm pretty content, because for painting Monet is good company. I'm not doing very much because I don't have a lot of paints."

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Image List

Soup Bowl Covers, 1864

The Dog Rita Asleep, 1864

Studio on the rue Furstenberg, 1865

Improvised Field Hospital, 1865

The Fortune Teller, n.d.

Family Gathering, 1867

Self Portrait with Palette, 1867

Still Life With Heron, 1867

View of the Village, 1868

Portrait of Edmond Maitre, 1869

Summer Scene, 1869

African Woman with Peonies, 1870

African Woman with Peonies #2, 1870

La Toilette, 1870

Studio on the rue La Condamine, 1870

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