Rembrandt Help

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Navigation of the exhibit is pretty straight forward. There are two navigation bars. The main one at the top contains links to the most important parts of the exhibit.
  • Paintings- oil on canvas or panel
  • Etchings- some of his best
  • Dates- important dates
  • Scenes- group or scene self portrait
  • Pupils- some of his students
Each of these main links will then open to numbered links to each work in that part of the exhibit. Each work will then give you a choice of a high or low resolution image. Pick the one that best suits your connection. You should never be more than two clicks from an image.

The links at the bottom will open to miscellaneous parts of the exhibit.
  • Links- other sites about Rembrandt
  • Index- opening statement
  • link back to home page
  • Store- where to get Rembrandt stuff
  • Help- help page

If none of the above answer your question,
please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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