1832 Born in Paris on Jan 23. The son of the Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Justice.
1844 Enters the College Rollin. Meets Antonin Proust.
1848 Fails entrance exam to naval college and sails to Rio on a training ship.
1849 He arrives on 4. February 1849 in Rio and returns to Le Havre in 13 June 1849.
1850 Studies in Thomas Couture's studio and registers as a copyist in the Louvre.
1852 Birth of son Leon, Suzanne Leenhoff is the mother.
1853 Travels all over Europe.
1855 Visits with Eugene Delacroix at his studio in Notre Dame.
1856 Leaves Couture's studio to set up his own. Visits the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
1857 Meets Fantin-Latour at the Louvre. Travels to Italy.
1858 Meets Charles Baudelaire.
1859 'The Absinthe Drinker' is turned down by the Salon. Moves to a new studio.
1860 Moves with Suzanne and Leon to an apartment in the Batignolles.
1861 Portrait of M. and Mme. Manet and The Spanish Singer are shown at the Salon. The Spanish Singer receives an honorable mention.
1862 Death of Manet's father. Paints Music in the Tuileries Meets Victorine Meurent.
1863 Shows Dejeuner sur l'Herbe at the Salon des Refuses. Manet marries Suzanne in Holland.
1864 Exhibits Episode from a Bullfight at the Salon.
1865 Olympia causes an uproar when shown at the Salon. Visits Spain but only stays ten days.
1866 The Fifer and The Tragic Actor are rejected by the Salon. Meets Cezanne and Monet. Hangs out at the Cafe Guerbois.
1867 Holds major exhibition alongside the Exposition Universelle. Paints first version of The Execution of Emperor Maximilian.
1868 Meets Berthe Morisot. Paints Portrait of Emile Zola.
1869 Eva Gonzales becomes his pupil and model. Shows The Balcony at the Salon, but the final version of The Execution of Emperor Maximilian is banned.
1870 Franco-Prussian war. Manet joins the National Gaurd.
1871 Elected to the committee of the Paris Commune.
1873 Le Bon Bock is shown at the Salon. Meets Stephane Mallarme.
1874 Declines offer to exhibit at the first Impressionist exhibition. Eugene Manet marries Berthe Morisot. Spends the summer painting alongside Monet at Argenteuil.
1875 Shows The Seine at Argenteuil at the Salon. Tarvels to Venice.
1876 Paints Portrait of Stephane Mallarme.
1877 Nana rejected by the Salon.
1878 Paints Self-Portrait with Skull Cap.
1880 Portrait of Antonin Proust is shown at the Salon.
1881 Antonin Proust becomes the Minister of Fine Arts. Manet is awarded a second-class Legion of Honor Award.
1882 Health Worsens. A Bar at the Folies-Bergere is shown at the Salon.
1883 Left leg is amputated April 19. Dies on April 30.
1893 Olympia is finally accepted at the Louvre.