Samuel van Hoogstraten
Self Portrait at Age 17, with Still Life
oil on panel, 58x74cm
Museum Boijmans, Rotterdam

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Portraying himself studying a book in deep concentration, with his mouth half-open it seems that the artist is talking to himself. What is unusual about this work is the fact that he is wearing nothing over his shirt, as was customary for the time. The hourglass could stand for the time needed to study and that time must not be lost.

After van Hoogstraten's father died, Rembrandt became his second teacher. He is less known as a painter then as an experimenter and art theorist. He worked with optical instruments and constructed perspectival boxes. When he finally settled in Dordrecht with his wife in 1670 he was appointed provost of the mint.

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      Staatliche Kuntstsammlungen

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