Govert Flinck
Self Portrait Aged 24
oil on panel, 65.8x54.4cm
National Gallery, London

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There is minor damage to the signature. Attempts were once made to pass this painting off as a Rembrandt. The false Rembrandt signature was partly erased during a restoration in 1925. The style of this painting is so Rembrandtesque that it could have easily been passed off as a Rembrandt. All one needs to do is look at the colouring, composition, and apparel.

Flinck had studied with Jacobsz before coming to study with Rembrandt. More than likely he was an assistant in charge of handling paint and the manner of painting Rembrandt liked. After Flinck left the workshop he had a hard time unlearning Rembrandt's style. This is the main reason that a lot of his works are mistaken for Rembrandt's.

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