Carel Fabritius
Self Portrait
oil on panel, 65x49cm
Museum Boymans, Rotterdam

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With its wide brushstrokes and warm palette, this painting recalls the work of Rembrandt. The subject wears an imaginary garment with a horizontal neckline that recalls sixteenth-century fashion. The figure is placed low in the pictorial plane against a greenish-brown wall with crumbling plaster.

Fabritius apprenticed himself to Rembrandt from 1641 to 1643. Before joining Rembrandt's workshop he learned the basic principles of painting from his father. As an advanced pupil he would have been able to contribute to the output of the workshop at an early stage. He had a great influence on many Delft painters and had Vermeer as a pupil. It was Fabritius' use of light, placing dark figures against a light background that Vermeer developed and refined. Fabritius was killed in 1654 when a gunpowder depot exploded in Delft and devastated a quarter of the city. There are only twelve to fourteen paintings by Fabritius known to exist. Most were destoryed in the explosion.

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