Ferdinand Bol
Self Portrait
oil on canvas, 97.5x77.5cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Mass.

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Attributed to Rembrandt until the London Rembrandt exhibit in 1899, when all the connoisseurs recognized Bol's hand. This is one instance Where a painting was taken from Rembrandt and given to a specific pupil. Bol's starting point must have been Rembrandt's Self Portrait at Age 34.

Bol was already an accomplished painter when he arrived at Rembrandt's workshop and would have been able to contribute to the output of the shop right away. That he mastered Rembrandt's technique is evident in this self portrait. Like Rembrandt, Bol confined himself almost exclusively to history pieces and portraits. At first his style was strongly Rembrandtesque, although the actions and expressions in his paintings are always more subdued than his teacher's. Bol was a great talent, but his strength lay in his beautiful rendering of detail rather than his ability to convincingly portray figures in action. Always known as Rembrandt's best-known pupil, many works were attributed to him. When examined closely Bol's hand is clearly distinguishable from Rembrandt's.

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