20 contemporary artists accept a challenge
to create new original works
in the styles of famous old and modern masters

Arle Sklar-Weinstein
Arle Sklar-Weinstein received her BS and MA at New York University under Professor Hale Woodruff and studied advanced printmaking at Columbia University. She has exhibited her work at The Hudson River Museum, at Katonah Gallery and at West Broadway Gallery in New York City. Her work is in the collections of The Hudson River Museum, The San Diego Museum and The Pepsico Collection in Purchase NY. She is recipient of a purchase award at the Albright-Knox Galleries and a study scholarship from the MOMA in NY.

Weinstein, Jen

Cave Wall II - Bison
Applique on fabric on the style of prehistoric cave paintings

Linda Adato Don Geyra Don Keene
Peri Schwartz Bill Murphy Constance Livingston
Tony Parisi Mary Trevor Arle Sklar Weinstein

The Reception History of Art Forgery Fakes Intro

   Other artists participating in Fabulous Fakes, whose images may be added to this collection in the future if they become available are: Ruth Ellen Fleming, Ken Kraus, Belle Manes, Richard Meyer, Ian Zdatny, Gregory A. Cramer, Kevin Klein, Nina Bentley, Ivar Hyden, Nicholas Schneider and Ed Hoppe.

Additional information about the availability of Fabulous Fakes, the History of Art Forgery or any of the works in the exhibition may be obtained by contacting The New Rochelle Council on The Arts by email or by calling 212-529-2025. More information on the NRCA can be found by connecting to the internet and clicking here.


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