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My Wife, Naked Looking at her own Body,which is
Transformed into Steps, Three Vertebrae of a Column, Sky and Architecture
oil on panel 61x52cm
Private Collection

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World War II obliged Dalí to leave Europe. "I needed, in fact, immediately to get away from the blind and tumoutuous collective jostlings of history, otherwise the antique and half-divine embryo of my originnality would risk suffering injury and dying before birth in the degrading circumstances of a philosophic miscarriage occuring on the very sidewalksof anecdote. No, I am not of those who make children by halves. Ritual first and foremost! Already I am concerning myself with its future, with the sheets and the pillows of its cradle. I had to return to America to make fresh money for Gala, him and myself."

At the border he met a great many friends again - among them Duchamp, who had established the concept of ready-made. They left Arcachon together, afew days before the Germans invaded, and travelled through Spain to Portugal. Dalí claimed: "He was terrorized by those bombardments of Paris that had never yet taken place. Duchamp is an even more anti-historic being than I; he continued to give himself over to his marvelous and heretic life, the contract with whose inactivity was for me a paroxysmal stimulant for my work."

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