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The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as a Table
oil on panel 18x14cm
Dalí Museum

Printfinders Image Ghost of Vermeer
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Dalí's painting alludes to Vermeer's most popular painting, The Artist in His Studio, by borrowing Vermeer's self-portrait from that work. Yet Dalí uses the Dutch artist's photographic precision to produce a different effect. Instead of creating a record of the everyday as Vermeer did, Dalí created a record of the impossible. He turned the animate into the inanimate by making Vermeer into a piece of furniture - a table. A bottle and glass emphasize this transformation, which renders this figure an apparitional image. In order to heighten the unsettling effect of this work, Dalí placed the Spectre of Vermeer in an actual landscape, the setting of a narrow lane found in Dalí's Port Lligat.

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